WFDU2 Archives: Gumbo YaYa Radio Chats with Lexi Jordan Atkins 2-4-19

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Gumbo Yaya Radio

Original Aired:
Monday, February 4th, 2019
9:00AM to 1:00PM

4 hours

Monday, February 4th, 2019 9:05AM

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Episode: Gumbo YaYa Radio Chats with Lexi Jordan Atkins 2-4-19

 Gumbo YaYa Radio Chats with Lexi Jordan Atkins 2-4-19

09:08 am Please Carry Me Home Jessi Colter & Carter Robertson
09:12 am Walk A Mile in My Shoes John Schneider
09:31 am No Way Home Chris Andres
09:35 am Home Chris Golden
09:46 am Wife's at Home wayne Morse
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10:04 am Take you Home Tonight Aaron Watson
10:19 am Shotgun Lexi Jordan Atkins
10:29 am Hometown Lexi Jordan Atkins
10:42 am Could Have Been Lexi Jordan Atkins
11:10 am Bring you Home Adam Cunningham
11:14 am It's You Who Leads Me Home Aaron Scherz
11:17 am Long Way From Home Copperhead
11:25 am Home Away From Lonely Dustin Evans
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12:32 pm Til The Cows Come Home Rachele Lynae
12:46 pm Too Many Honky Tonks On My Way Home Billy Payne
12:49 pm Keeper of The Stars Tracy Byrd
12:53 pm Your Love is Home Kevin Paris

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