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Gumbo YaYa Radio Show

Original Aired:
Monday, February 25th, 2019
9:00AM to 1:00PM

4 hours

Monday, February 25th, 2019 9:06AM

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Episode: Gumbo YaYa Radio Show Redneck Chats with Charlie Cole 2-25-19

 09:12am Good Hearted Woman Jessi Colter & Sunny Sweeny
09:17am Loners & Stoners Chris Andres
09:33am Freight Train Jimmy Miles
09:55am Caught on the Inside Charlie Cole
10:16am Cold Cold Summer Johnny Riley
10:22am The Highway and Me Justin Crider
10:36am Hometown Lexi Jordan Atkins
10:44am Hazy Hazy Pagentri
10:44am Hazy Hazy Pagentri
10:47am Comin' Home Nathan Bartgis
10:52am Country Store Wade Oliver
10:56am Let It Go Brooke McGrady, Carter Robertson & Cliff Beach
11:10am The Way That You Love Him Zero
11:27am Wreck of the Old 97 Jimmy C. Williams
11:45am Rain Drops Falling Down Orville Davis
11:49am Lonely is the Night Johnny Riley
12:09pm I Feel A Sin Coming On Rachel Lipsky
12:12pm I'm Your Man Justin Crider
12:17pm Where the Rainbow Hits the Ground Richie Allbright
12:35pm The Lonely Nobody Could Fill Pagentri with Sonia Ulrich
12:38pm If You Wanna Get To Heaven High South
12:44pm Under The Sun Brooke McGrady
12:52pm My Life Rodney Atkins
12:56pm More Than a Fever Midland

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