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I started out like my father, excited by the music of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. Then the Beatles, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell came along. Like a lot of people, I guess, my first slight exposure to “Bluegrass” music was the Earl Scruggs Beverly Hillbillies theme song. My first real exposure was “Ancient Tones” by Ricky Skaggs followed by a journey of very enjoyable discovery to the single taproot of the tree, William Smith Monroe - aided by Earl Karlsen and the loyal listeners of The Bluegrass Express.

A photographer by heredity, I most enjoy music that takes me somewhere visually.
In this program I want to explore “Monroe Doctrine” bluegrass along with what Bill Monroe’s vision has led to today, the music he listed to and the projects solid Bluegrass artists produce that are just not accepted by any other genre. We are lucky to have such talented musicians consider Bluegrass as their home base.


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